Friday, September 24, 2010

43: ACS 16th Honours Award Ceremony

The ceremony was held at the Lee Choon Guan Concert Hall in ACS Barker Road on 24 Sep 2010 to honour 500 ACS students for excellence in CCA. The video features the ACS school anthem, and a 4th generation ACSian - Sec 1 Ryan Ong being awarded Distinction for Concert Band. Ryan is Kian Ann's grandson.
View the video here >>>

Here's a photo of Ryan at the drums.

Monday, September 13, 2010

42: Goodbye, Kim Swee

Our schoolmate of ACS Class of 1955, Francis Tan Kim Swee, died on 13 Sep 2010.

A few of us who knew him as a member of the Monthly Peace Centre Lunch Group will be paying our respects to him this afternoon at the Singapore Casket.
Goodbye, Francis, and may you rest in peace. GodBless.

A quick lunch at Whampoa before proceeding to the wake.

Friday, September 3, 2010

41: Highlighting one of the photos

(L-R) Seng Narp, Kian Ann, Raymond, Peck Cheng, Fook Choy & Suan Juat.

40: 55th Anniversary Lunch on 3 Sep 2010

A hearty thank you to all 18 classmates who attended the function. 4 others must have lost their way and were sorely missed.
Can't blame them though, we're all septuagenarians!
These thumbnail photos of the attendees at the ACS Class of 1955's 55th Anniversary lunch are put up "for the record". The bigger photos are available to them on request by email.

For easier handling, don't ask for single photos, just say "Block A", "Block B", "Block C" or "Block D" and you'll have them all via email.

Block A:

Block B:

Block C:

Block D: