Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5: Meet a Pulau Ubin Green Snake

Ever held a green snake by the tail? You will if you go to Pulau Ubin and keep a sharp lookout for it.

The one I caught 2 days ago was climbing a vine near a roadside fence. It was about 5 feet long. Its tapering body was beautifully leaf green in colour. After a photo shoot and sighs of admiration for the wonder of nature, I released the creature into the wild, so that another nature lover can encounter and behold the beauty of creation.

No, it's not poisonous, I'm told.

4: That Monthly Lunch

The ACSClass55 of the RELC Group is preparing to skip their lunch at Garden Hotel Restaurant coming weekend because their lunch organizer informed his chums that 2 members of his family had contracted the H1N1 flu. The good news from his report is that it is relatively mild, compared to the common flu, so we can take heart from that.

The picture above is a recent lunch photo of the ACSClass55 of the Peace Centre Group who had theirs at the newly established Sophia Food Mall.

"Come and join us," says Swee Ming their lunch co-ordinator, "for some chit-chat and good food!" Yes, why not!

3: When I was young

"See me as a young man playing the piano. I'm now 72," said Keok Meng at YouTube.

So I did and was very impressed. And so should you.

Just click the following url and you'll be there: YouTube "When I was young".

2: The Blue Ribbon for the Most Prolific Email Forwarder

This fine distinction must really go to FCChan, as evident from the Email Indox of ACSClass55. Nary a week passes by without him forwarding from various sources so-and-so's emails warning of fines for traffic offences, advice about health and the food we eat, philosophical and religious statements, and even one newsworthy item purportedly claimed as a life-style roadmap, a treatise entitled "Lee Kuan Yew on aging"!

Thanks very much, FCChan. Your forwarded emails have made the humdrum of our days that much more exciting, enabling us to vent anger at unjustifiable rules and regulations and take steps to avoid hefty fines by complying with them, not forgetting the fruits, in particular the banana, you recommend for us to eat for better health.

Hats off to you, indeed. We will now live longer and stronger, shouting ACS forever!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1: Inaugurating ACS Class55 blog

Notice of Closure of Website of ACS Class55 at

As from 26 Oct 2009, the ACSClass55 homepage will cease to operate.

So all ACSians of Class 55 are encouraged to download photos from there ASAP before they are lost in cyberspace.

Many thanks to those who willingly contributed photos and news to the website for sharing: Keok Meng, Anthony Yeo and Henry Pang from Australia, George Wan, Kai Kiat, Chee Ling , Suan Foon and Kian Ann.

This weblog will operate on a limited basis to post fresh photos and news that may interest ACSians of Class55. ACSians are encouraged to send photos and news to for posting here.

One advantage of the acsclass55 blog is that it is interactive and ACSians can post comments on it as they please. So please do so. Hope to hear from you.
Updating schedule: First Saturday of the month.