Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2: The Blue Ribbon for the Most Prolific Email Forwarder

This fine distinction must really go to FCChan, as evident from the Email Indox of ACSClass55. Nary a week passes by without him forwarding from various sources so-and-so's emails warning of fines for traffic offences, advice about health and the food we eat, philosophical and religious statements, and even one newsworthy item purportedly claimed as a life-style roadmap, a treatise entitled "Lee Kuan Yew on aging"!

Thanks very much, FCChan. Your forwarded emails have made the humdrum of our days that much more exciting, enabling us to vent anger at unjustifiable rules and regulations and take steps to avoid hefty fines by complying with them, not forgetting the fruits, in particular the banana, you recommend for us to eat for better health.

Hats off to you, indeed. We will now live longer and stronger, shouting ACS forever!

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