Monday, December 14, 2009

20: ACSClass55 at Taiwan Porridge Lunch

The Lunch on Mon 14 Dec 2009 was held at Orchard Grand Court in Killiney Road. It was attended by 13 ACSians of Class55.

(Above: Left to Right): Suan Juat, Choon Liang, Fook Choy, Swee Ming, Suan Foon, Robert, Peng Siang and Solomon.
(Below): Kian Ann, Peck Cheng, Chon Choo, Kum Chuen, Henry and Suan Foon.

More photos of this event can be viewed at including, what seems to be, an eye-popping slow foxtrot.

Friday, December 11, 2009

19: The ACSClass55 Lunch Strategy for 2010

ACSian Kum Chuen has proposed an 8-point strategy for the 2010 Lunch gathering of ACS Class 55, the year being the 55th Anniversary year for our cohort.
He calls for us to keep the motto alive: The Best is yet to be, ACS Forever!

The strategy calls for a lunch to be held on a Friday each quarter, thus: 5 Mar, 4 Jun, 3 Sep and 3 Dec. Any ACSian55 can organize the lunch, beginning with KES (5 Mar), FSL (4 Jun) with 2 more slots up for grabs.

As usual, the lunch will be pro rata and below $20.00 per attendee.

So let's all give him our support for planning the strategy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

18: Henry's Pre-trip Offering - "Senior Moments"

Before coming to Singapore, our friend from DownUnder, ya-lah: Henry the Jr Tennis champ, has this to offer for our listening & viewing pleasure: A rendition of "Senior Moments" to the tune of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" complaining of the stages of maturing bodies.
Henry the dentist says in his email: Give it a good listen! (or I'll pull out your molar slowly and excruciatingly!)
Here's where to find the song at YouTube:
Do enjoy it - it's later than you think!