Monday, December 14, 2009

20: ACSClass55 at Taiwan Porridge Lunch

The Lunch on Mon 14 Dec 2009 was held at Orchard Grand Court in Killiney Road. It was attended by 13 ACSians of Class55.

(Above: Left to Right): Suan Juat, Choon Liang, Fook Choy, Swee Ming, Suan Foon, Robert, Peng Siang and Solomon.
(Below): Kian Ann, Peck Cheng, Chon Choo, Kum Chuen, Henry and Suan Foon.

More photos of this event can be viewed at including, what seems to be, an eye-popping slow foxtrot.


  1. Henry has requested from his iPhone for a few of the lunch photos to be sent to him in high resolution.
    OK, Henry, you'll get them soon.

  2. Solomon emailed to say:
    Pls email one to me. I want to send it to America and Cambodia. Thanks.

  3. Suan Juat has asked for those photos which he was in. Boleh-lah,SJ: you'll get them.