Friday, December 11, 2009

19: The ACSClass55 Lunch Strategy for 2010

ACSian Kum Chuen has proposed an 8-point strategy for the 2010 Lunch gathering of ACS Class 55, the year being the 55th Anniversary year for our cohort.
He calls for us to keep the motto alive: The Best is yet to be, ACS Forever!

The strategy calls for a lunch to be held on a Friday each quarter, thus: 5 Mar, 4 Jun, 3 Sep and 3 Dec. Any ACSian55 can organize the lunch, beginning with KES (5 Mar), FSL (4 Jun) with 2 more slots up for grabs.

As usual, the lunch will be pro rata and below $20.00 per attendee.

So let's all give him our support for planning the strategy!


  1. OKA would like to volunteer to organize the 3 Sep lunch. That leaves the 3 Dec lunch slot open for any other ACSian55 to volunteer.

  2. Sorry, chaps. You're too late.
    Latest I hear is from an email to the Editor of Echo (an ACSOBA website): YKC has volunteered to organize the 4th Qtr lunch on 3 Dec 2010.

  3. KES has this to say (from his email):
    Someone once said that old friends are like vintage wine, They get better with age.
    Over the years we have found new friends from the varsity, workplaces, professions, church etc. Some of us are even pre-occupied with our children. However, Let us not forget our old friends and our shared experiences and not burn the bridges after we've crossed them.
    I do miss Charlie Quek. He was really able to gel us together with his fantastic memory of our schoolboy days.