Monday, December 14, 2009

20: ACSClass55 at Taiwan Porridge Lunch

The Lunch on Mon 14 Dec 2009 was held at Orchard Grand Court in Killiney Road. It was attended by 13 ACSians of Class55.

(Above: Left to Right): Suan Juat, Choon Liang, Fook Choy, Swee Ming, Suan Foon, Robert, Peng Siang and Solomon.
(Below): Kian Ann, Peck Cheng, Chon Choo, Kum Chuen, Henry and Suan Foon.

More photos of this event can be viewed at including, what seems to be, an eye-popping slow foxtrot.

Friday, December 11, 2009

19: The ACSClass55 Lunch Strategy for 2010

ACSian Kum Chuen has proposed an 8-point strategy for the 2010 Lunch gathering of ACS Class 55, the year being the 55th Anniversary year for our cohort.
He calls for us to keep the motto alive: The Best is yet to be, ACS Forever!

The strategy calls for a lunch to be held on a Friday each quarter, thus: 5 Mar, 4 Jun, 3 Sep and 3 Dec. Any ACSian55 can organize the lunch, beginning with KES (5 Mar), FSL (4 Jun) with 2 more slots up for grabs.

As usual, the lunch will be pro rata and below $20.00 per attendee.

So let's all give him our support for planning the strategy!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

18: Henry's Pre-trip Offering - "Senior Moments"

Before coming to Singapore, our friend from DownUnder, ya-lah: Henry the Jr Tennis champ, has this to offer for our listening & viewing pleasure: A rendition of "Senior Moments" to the tune of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" complaining of the stages of maturing bodies.
Henry the dentist says in his email: Give it a good listen! (or I'll pull out your molar slowly and excruciatingly!)
Here's where to find the song at YouTube:
Do enjoy it - it's later than you think!

Monday, November 30, 2009

17: Taiwan Porridge Buffet Lunch for ACSians of Class55

Philip Ong (aka SweeMing) is organising a Taiwan porridge lunch for ACSians of Class55 on Mon 14 Dec 2009. Time: 1230h. Venue: Crystal Cafe of Orchard Grand Court, 131 Killiney Road. Cost: $11.80 ++ each.
ACSians of Class55 of the PeaceCentre group and the RELC group, and any other group, especially those bumping around groupless, are cordially invited to attend the function to enjoy 4Fs: Food, Fun, Friendship & Fellowship.

And Henry, who will be here in Singapore on 9 Dec, is specifically invited to attend.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

16: Hey, Guys - Why No Tweets?

Albert's following two ACSians of Class55 at but sees no tweets.

Hey, guys, do answer the twitter query of "What are you doing now?" to get started.

And also, have your photo up there too, won't you?

BTW: You can view Albert's 100plus tweets at to see what he's doing.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

15: Let's Keep Connected

Email links to ACSClass55 living DownUnder seem to have snapped. In particular, Anthony Yeo and Chan Kong Yin's emails are on the silent mode. Expectedly, Kam Fay's CNY greeting is permanently off as he's been called home.

Come Christmas, ACSClass55 hope to receive from Henry Pang his photo-greetings of goodwill and view his family photo, which was always a delight to see.
And on the same channel of thought, what's happened to Eng Chye Choon in London? He'd promised to attend the last anniversary dinner in the new ACS at Barker Road but couldn't make it. Anyone knows his whereabouts?
Shall we not mend the missing links?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

14: Know how Italianos speak?

Yes, LKM, our Italian scholar, sent the above! Gracias, KM.

Yes, that's the Mississippi River above. Try spelling it.

13: Forum Facility at

For those with a compliment to share, or lots of opinion and bombastic language to exhibit, or an ax to grind, go to the acsclass55 forum to let their voices be heard.
Don't always hide under a cloak of silence.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

12: IT Procedure: Screen Capture

ACSClass55 Solomon wrote:
"Dear Albert, thank you for the slideshow "What to do with the rest of the year". Very motivating. I'm trying to print out picture by picture of the slideshow.
I searched "how to extract individual frames of a slideshow".
I just can't understand a thing what's said.
You know how?"
My reply: "Use a graphic software. It has a screen capture facility. Use it."

Well, as they say: "the proof of the pudding is in the eating".
So Solomon, the picture above is screen captured using Ulead's Image Pals graphic software.
If I can do it, so can you!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

11: Wesley Seniors Fellowship @ Fort Canning

After their monthly lunch, Albert, Swee Ming and Peng Siang went over to Wesley Seniors Fellowship where they met Seng Narp (WSF Chair) and Yan Chee and his wife Joyce. The programme started with Gospel Songs and a sermonette by Pastor Ivan. They enjoyed the fellowship, singing Songs of Yesteryears, watching a humorous skit and recitations of poetry on the theme of the day "An English Countryside". Casey's charming wife Lily recited "The Daffodils" bringing memories of nostalgia to the trio.

For ACSians 55 who are wondering what to do with some of their time, go to Wesley Seniors Fellowship on the first Monday of the month, 1.30pm - 5pm. Apart from the enjoyable singing fellowship, there's makan kecil, too.
Go-lah! Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

10: ACSClass55 @ Geocities No More!

October 26, 2009:
The ACSClass of 1955 website at Geocities was closed along with many others who enjoyed hosting and publicising their homepages there.

However, here's a bit of nostalgia:

The ACSClass55 website was assembled into a YouTube video 10 months earlier, ie: 26 Jan 2009.

ACSians who value old school ties can view it at

Monday, September 21, 2009

9: In Memoriam - Mr Lee Hah Ing


On 9 Sep 2009, the Straits Times reported that "FORMER Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) principal Lee Hah Ing, age 95, died of prostate cancer on Friday evening after a five-year battle with the disease."

ACSians of Class55 will remember Mr Lee as a very good and caring teacher who taught them Literature in Std 7.

Farewell, Mr Lee. We love you.

The picture above was taken at the ACS Class of 1955 anniversary dinner in 2003.

Friday, August 14, 2009

8: Le Kua Simi

Written by mrbrown, "Le Kua Simi" is a hilarious parody of the NDP song "What do you see?"

More importantly for ACSClass55, mrbrown is an ACS Old Boy!

View it at Youtube and enjoy.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

7: Churi Ayam

Recognize the scout? A churi ayam from the ACS 11th Troop! Yes, it's Suan Juat, to be sure!

He produced this 5-decade old photo for me to capture on my handphone.

And he said." See my badges!"

Badges? Must ask another churi ayam Keok Meng to verify the authenticity of the badges.

6: Justifiable Anger

1: From a KES email commenting on a reportedly hefty fine of $130 for dropping a passenger at a bus stop:
"That's a stupid bureaucratic rule! How else can someone drop someone for him/her to take PUBLIC transport?"

2: From OKA on Twitter re a PC virus attack:
"Cursing the twit who sneaked a prankster virus into my PC disabling my CDRom drive, thumbdrive and other removable drives. May his harddisk crash!"

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

5: Meet a Pulau Ubin Green Snake

Ever held a green snake by the tail? You will if you go to Pulau Ubin and keep a sharp lookout for it.

The one I caught 2 days ago was climbing a vine near a roadside fence. It was about 5 feet long. Its tapering body was beautifully leaf green in colour. After a photo shoot and sighs of admiration for the wonder of nature, I released the creature into the wild, so that another nature lover can encounter and behold the beauty of creation.

No, it's not poisonous, I'm told.

4: That Monthly Lunch

The ACSClass55 of the RELC Group is preparing to skip their lunch at Garden Hotel Restaurant coming weekend because their lunch organizer informed his chums that 2 members of his family had contracted the H1N1 flu. The good news from his report is that it is relatively mild, compared to the common flu, so we can take heart from that.

The picture above is a recent lunch photo of the ACSClass55 of the Peace Centre Group who had theirs at the newly established Sophia Food Mall.

"Come and join us," says Swee Ming their lunch co-ordinator, "for some chit-chat and good food!" Yes, why not!

3: When I was young

"See me as a young man playing the piano. I'm now 72," said Keok Meng at YouTube.

So I did and was very impressed. And so should you.

Just click the following url and you'll be there: YouTube "When I was young".

2: The Blue Ribbon for the Most Prolific Email Forwarder

This fine distinction must really go to FCChan, as evident from the Email Indox of ACSClass55. Nary a week passes by without him forwarding from various sources so-and-so's emails warning of fines for traffic offences, advice about health and the food we eat, philosophical and religious statements, and even one newsworthy item purportedly claimed as a life-style roadmap, a treatise entitled "Lee Kuan Yew on aging"!

Thanks very much, FCChan. Your forwarded emails have made the humdrum of our days that much more exciting, enabling us to vent anger at unjustifiable rules and regulations and take steps to avoid hefty fines by complying with them, not forgetting the fruits, in particular the banana, you recommend for us to eat for better health.

Hats off to you, indeed. We will now live longer and stronger, shouting ACS forever!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1: Inaugurating ACS Class55 blog

Notice of Closure of Website of ACS Class55 at

As from 26 Oct 2009, the ACSClass55 homepage will cease to operate.

So all ACSians of Class 55 are encouraged to download photos from there ASAP before they are lost in cyberspace.

Many thanks to those who willingly contributed photos and news to the website for sharing: Keok Meng, Anthony Yeo and Henry Pang from Australia, George Wan, Kai Kiat, Chee Ling , Suan Foon and Kian Ann.

This weblog will operate on a limited basis to post fresh photos and news that may interest ACSians of Class55. ACSians are encouraged to send photos and news to for posting here.

One advantage of the acsclass55 blog is that it is interactive and ACSians can post comments on it as they please. So please do so. Hope to hear from you.
Updating schedule: First Saturday of the month.