Thursday, October 29, 2009

11: Wesley Seniors Fellowship @ Fort Canning

After their monthly lunch, Albert, Swee Ming and Peng Siang went over to Wesley Seniors Fellowship where they met Seng Narp (WSF Chair) and Yan Chee and his wife Joyce. The programme started with Gospel Songs and a sermonette by Pastor Ivan. They enjoyed the fellowship, singing Songs of Yesteryears, watching a humorous skit and recitations of poetry on the theme of the day "An English Countryside". Casey's charming wife Lily recited "The Daffodils" bringing memories of nostalgia to the trio.

For ACSians 55 who are wondering what to do with some of their time, go to Wesley Seniors Fellowship on the first Monday of the month, 1.30pm - 5pm. Apart from the enjoyable singing fellowship, there's makan kecil, too.
Go-lah! Enjoy.

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