Thursday, July 23, 2009

1: Inaugurating ACS Class55 blog

Notice of Closure of Website of ACS Class55 at

As from 26 Oct 2009, the ACSClass55 homepage will cease to operate.

So all ACSians of Class 55 are encouraged to download photos from there ASAP before they are lost in cyberspace.

Many thanks to those who willingly contributed photos and news to the website for sharing: Keok Meng, Anthony Yeo and Henry Pang from Australia, George Wan, Kai Kiat, Chee Ling , Suan Foon and Kian Ann.

This weblog will operate on a limited basis to post fresh photos and news that may interest ACSians of Class55. ACSians are encouraged to send photos and news to for posting here.

One advantage of the acsclass55 blog is that it is interactive and ACSians can post comments on it as they please. So please do so. Hope to hear from you.
Updating schedule: First Saturday of the month.

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