Sunday, April 25, 2010

31: George's Gone But Not Forgotten

Today marks a month that George has gone to be in the presence of Jesus. But I will always remember him fondly.
55 years ago in 1955, we were in the Young People's Group (YPG) of Bethesda Katong when this picture was taken before we set out on our hike to Ayer Gemurroh. Notice how cool and relaxed Tian Soo (as he was then called) looked!

And then, 55 years later in Jan 2010 at the Anniversary of the Methodist Church of the Incarnation, see how he (now the Rev Dr George Wan Tian Soo) looked: so distinguished and confident in the presence of the celebrating congregation.

Boyish as this thought may be, but more than 55 years ago when we were kids living in the same neighbournood, it was Tian Soo who invited me to a pond near his house at Rambutan Road, and where with a freshly cut bamboo sapling as my first fishing rod, I hooked my first fish ( an ikan betok or climbing perch) to my childish delight.

Yes, George, you will never be forgotten but will stay in my heart till we meet again. For didn't somebody say: "Those who love the Lord never see one another for the last time"?

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