Monday, November 1, 2010

45: The 1 Nov 2010 Lunch

They arrived at the Chinese Swimming Club enthusiastically, and greetings flowed freely. Yes, Chee Hong wanted the Oxtail, but the rest opted for Salmon.
Too bad - the others couldn't/didn't make it! (For one reason or another.)
Still, a good time was had by all! There was an experiential discourse on Taichi by Suan Juat and a reallife encounter with an ignoramus on accounting procedures by Swee Ming.
Thanks, Philip, for co-ordinating the lunch.

Anything achieved that afternoon? Yes, indeed. Chee Hong agreed to participate in a song item at the coming Peranakan-Indonesia Fellowship at PMC. If you're free and understand Bahasa, come-lah on Sat 6 Nov 2010 to hear him sing, accompanied by a music video prepared by Kian Ann for the occasion.

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